Travelling With Pets: 8 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Journey

Travelling with a pet requires a lot of preparation. Our pets can’t speak for themselves, so it is best to ensure that you keep everything sorted before you begin your vacations. As a pet parent, it becomes a crucial responsibility to make sure that the trip is as pleasant for your pet as it is for you. To help you achieve this, here are 8 tips that you need to keep in mind while travelling with a pet.

Consult Veterinarian

The first and foremost thing is to consult your trusted veterinarian prior to the vacation. This will help ensure that your pet is fit and ready to travel. You may also ask the vet about any emergency medication that you might want to keep in handy.

Use Right Carrier

Make your pets accustomed to the carriers/crates that you will be using, and make sure they are of the right size. This is important not only if you are commuting through public transport but also if you are driving to a place. Keeping your pets in a properly sized carrier safeguards them from hurting themselves due to any abrupt halts, and also prevents them from disturbing you while driving.

Pack Enough Pet Food

Unless you are certain that you will have access to your preferred kind of pet food, you should pack sufficient food for the entirety of your trip. Do not introduce different kinds of food into your pet’s diet since any new type of food may disrupt your pet’s digestion and cause problems.

Pet-Friendly Places

Keep in mind that the places you will be staying at or dining in are pet-friendly. This process should be done well in advance so that you don’t have to make special arrangements at the last moment. You may directly contact the property and put your mind at ease.

Vaccination And Medication

If your pet requires any medications on a fixed schedule, please ensure to pack everything in their travel luggage. Also, ensure that they are up-to-date with their vaccines and you have the record for everything in place.

Regular Pit Stops

If on a road trip, make regular stops so that the pet can get a bathroom break and roam around for a bit. You may also take the pet to a park and provide adequate food and water.

Smart Collars

If possible, equip your pet’s collar with a GPS tracker so you do not have to worry about your pet getting lost or playfully running away to a random place.

Ensure Pet’s Comfort

Keep checking on your pet and look out for any behavioural or physical changes. It may happen that the pet gets uneasy or may have travel anxiety. Make sure to carry along their favourite toys, treats or blankets and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Also, keep them hydrated at all times.

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