Top Naxalite leader nabbed by Telangana Police … Makes shocking disclosure

Raipur: The Telangana Police has achieved a major breakthrough in the war against Naxalites. The most important link of the Naxalites – their regional communication chief – has been nabbed by the police.

Usually Naxalites are caught only in the forest. But this time the Telangana Police nabbed him in a very dramatic way, which they did not even anticipate. In fact, the communication chief of the Naxalites, Gaddam Madhukar alias Sobrai, had become coronavirus positive. He was forced to come to the city for treatment.

The Naxalite leader was caught by the police in the Warangal district of Telangana during a routine checking of vehicles at a police check post. 

The Naxalite leader has made a shocking disclosure during his interrogation by the Telangana Police.

The Naxalite leader said that the coronavirus pandemic has reached even inside the dense forests. There many Naxalite leaders have become coronavirus positive. According to the Telangana Police, several Naxalite leaders like Sudarshan, T Tirupati, Yama Narayan, Bade Chokka Rao alias Damodar, K Raji Reddy, Katta Ramachandran Reddy alias Vikalp, M Devender Reddy, Kunkati Venkatesh alias Vikas, Muchaki Ungal alias Sudhakar, Kodi Manjula alias Nirmala , Pusam Padma, K Sunitha aka Budra have been infected with coronavirus.

Telangana Police expressed apprehension of great danger:

According to the Telangana Police, villagers are protesting against the opening of a camp of security forces at Silgar in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. 

It is being said that many villagers have been infected by coronavirus due to the camp. That is, coronavirus is now spreading in the forests as well.

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