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Top Multibagger stocks of 2020: Check which stocks perfomed best in 2020

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LAST UPDATED: Dec. 19, 2020, 9:42 a.m.

New Delhi (Anish Yande): These stocks have risen rapidly in 2020 despite the pandemic. These stocks are from several sectors, such as Pharma, energy production, and web B2B services. Find out which multibagger stocks delivered a stellar performance in 2020 and which are the most promising investments going ahead.

Adani Green Energy: 

The renewable energy company has been on an incline throughout this year. 

The share price of Adani Green Energy has increased by 588% in this fiscal year. The company operates the Kamuthi Solar Project. Last year, the share price was at Rs 160, which has been on an incline through the pandemic as well.

Foreign Institutional Investors increased from 20.8% in 2019 to 22.43%.

The revenue of the company is up by 4.36% at Rs 7.1 billion YoY in September 2020.

Indiamart InterMesh:

The B2C, B2B services provider has seen an incline in operating revenue in 2020. The net income was 698 million in September 2020 on a YoY basis.

In 2019, the company stock was at Rs 2066. The share price has since increased to Rs 6,118, which is an increase of over 150% in the company stocks in one year.

Pharma Sector Multibaggers:

Laurus Labs:

The Indian pharmaceutical company has recorded an increase in revenue by around 59% YoY in September 2020. The net revenue increased to Rs 11.3 billion.

In 2019, the share price of Laurus Labs was at Rs 73. The share price has since then increased by nearly 346% in 2020. The current share price of Laurus Labs is Rs 354.90. The company’s net profit margin is 21.27% YoY in September 2020.

Marksans Pharma: 

The net income of Marksans Pharma is recorded at Rs 507.3  million, up by 95% on a YoY basis.

In 2019, the share price of the company was at Rs 18 which has increased by nearly 270% within a year. The share price current is Rs 58.60. The revenue of the company in September 2020 was at Rs 3.6 billion, up by 39 percent on a YoY basis.

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