Top 5 Brands that welcome body inclusivity wholeheartedly

Gone are the days when people were used to wearing anything, now the fashion industry is totally changed. However, with time people have become more choosy with their clothes but there are many brands that understand the revolution in fashion and provide their customers with what they want so their customers get satisfied. There are so many brands that are working hard on body inclusivity with the motive to deliver their customers of every body type the most premium quality clothes. Here is the list of the top five brands that are working on body inclusivity:

  1. Jee Aaya Nu

Jee Aaya Nu is a Gujarat-based clothing brand transforming the market and creating items to stand out. The brand provides fashion for all sizes, ladies of every size now have a chance to wear whatever they wanted to with Jee Aaya Nu. They have an in-house printing department, and guarantees that their customers receive high-quality clothing. From suit pieces to tunics, kurtas, and kurta sets there is no such clothing item that this brand does not provide. Jee Aaya Nu, the EVERY-BODY brand promises to offer the best clothing from the same clothing line to plus size at a good price point.

  1. The Pink Moon

The Pink Moon is a Bengaluru-based clothing brand whose team’s mission is to create a line of clothing brands that makes one feel comfortable and confident about themselves. They have handpicked fabrics, cuts, and styles which will work on your body type. The brands believe that good clothes are like a great blow dry as they make one more beautiful, confident, and strong. They have everything, the pair of pants that takes in your stomach, heels that will make your calves toned, and even dresses that would show off your shoulder.

  1. Stalkbylove

Stalkbylove is a Delhi-based online clothing store founded by a brother-sister duo in March 2016. They include every kind of apparel, from buying fabric, Stalkbylove believes in the philosophy of delivering their customer the best products. The company aims to revolutionize fashion in India, thus, they come up with the prettiest Indian Women’s style pieces. From plus-size clothing to other beautiful accessories, they have it all, and that too at unbeatable quality.

  1. Lastinch

The journey of Lastinch started in the year 2014, by Neha Modi whose intention was to redefine the western wear outline for Indian full-figured women and make them believe in equality irrespective of their body type and size. They aim to deliver the best styles and trends for all the figured women across the nation. They mainly focus on plus-size women’s clothing sizes available up to 8XL. Their ulterior aim is to make women with curves feel more beautiful and confident.

  1. Mustard

Mustard Clothing Private Limited is a Banglore-based brand. They are a garment manufacturing and retailing company consisting of diversely talented people carrying out their ever-growing operations. The brand offers ready-to-wear garments for women of all sizes. Mustard has its own size dimensions so that the customers can enjoy the freedom of great comfort and fashion at the same time. Their products make one look good, no matter what the size is.

We have witnessed a lot of changes in the fashion industry. People have started welcoming plus size with open hearts thus, one can see a wide variety of sizes. There is no doubt that society has been evolving, however, there is still a long way to go in terms of acceptance. Brands like those we have mentioned above are a few that are bringing a change and with their efforts, the fashion industry will definitely witness a positive transition.

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