Tips to increase mileage of your car, Know here!

New Delhi: Are you also worried about the mileage of your car? If yes then there is no need to worry. Today we are going to tell you five ways by adopting which you can increase the mileage of your car by ten percent. So let’s know about these simple tips.

Car Air Filter Check

The car air filter should be checked from time to time, because if you do not check the car air filter for a long time, then dust particles accumulate in it, due to which it gets clogged. This directly affects the engine of the vehicle due to which fuel consumption increases.

Car Tire Pressure

If the air in the tires of your vehicle is low, then it also affects the mileage. That’s why the air should be checked from time to time. This will help in increasing the mileage. Keep in mind that instead of normal air in the tire of the car, nitrogen air should be filled.

Don’t brake too fast

You must have noticed one thing that we often get less mileage in the city, that’s because people take fast accelerator in a hurry on traffic jam or red light zone, but it should not be done because it causes frequent braking. The fuel consumption increases due to which the mileage decreases.

Do not drive at high speed

The speed of the vehicle also has an impact on the mileage. That is why the vehicle should be driven at an average speed, maximum mileage is available at a speed of 45 to 55 kmph. Apart from this, the lowest mileage is available at a speed of more than 60 or less than 20 kilometers per hour.

Get the car service done on time

If the servicing of the car is not done on time, then also the mileage gets reduced, so it should be serviced on time.

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