Thousands of US volunteers ready to fight against Russia in Ukraine


Washington: As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its 11th day, the global clamour against Russia and Vladimir Putin continues to grow.

Meanwhile, media reports in the United States (US) have claimed that thousands of US citizens are ready to volunteer to join the fight against Russia.

According to a report by media outlet Voice of America (VOA), around 3,000 Americans are ready to leave for Ukraine to fight the Russian military.

These volunteers include a large number of former members of the US armed forces.

According to the VOA, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington has claimed that 3,000 volunteers in the US have responded to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s appeal for people to join an international battalion that will fight Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The VOA report also claimed that many more people in other countries have volunteered to fight the Russian military, mostly from former Soviet nations such as Georgia and Belarus.

Today is the ninth day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has intensified its offensive to seize the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Despite severe criticism at the international level, Russia is still not ready to back down from its military campaign against Ukraine.  

Russia is constantly bombing Ukrainian military bases and residential areas.

However, despite being no match for Russia’s military might, Ukraine is still trying its best to fight the Russian Juggernaut. 

As the Russian military enters major cities during its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, it is facing fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces in densely built urban areas.

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Both sides have sustained heavy losses as intense fighting continues.

first published:March 6, 2022, 12:42 p.m.

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