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This judge has endangered her career due to hunger for discounts

Oct. 6, 2020, 4:54 p.m.

Bogota: A judge from Colombia has caused a massive uproar in her country with her desire to avail of discounts on clothes.

Vivian Polania Franco, a criminal court judge from the city of Cucuta, had posted photos of herself in revealing clothes on Instagram in the hope of getting discounts on clothes.

She was interviewed by a local newspaper named ‘La Opinion’ that published an article on her titled ‘Vivian Polania Franco, A Versatile Judge’ on September 6. 

Polania’s attempt to get a discount was successful as she added thousands of new followers on her social media accounts that led to clothing brands contacting her in the hope of signing a sponsorship deal.

“A person does not take pictures for the sake of taking them or to have people hit the ‘like’ button. When you have a large number of followers, companies and designers start looking for you to give you discounts or promotions,” Polania said during the interview. 

However, the judge landed in trouble for the photoshoot as an investigation was initiated against her following her Instagram posts. The specific reason for the investigation has not been officially revealed.

She has been accused of lowering her personal dignity and that of her profession.

After the interview was published, the Judgeship Superior Council section has taken the matter into consideration of this and directed the inquiry.

 “According to the content of the news, the room considers that at first instance the judicial worker could face prohibitions as pointed out in the article 154-6,” an act of the hearing stated.

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