This is what Rahul Gandhi would do if were Prime Minister

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was asked on Friday what would he do had he been the Prime Minister of India. Replying to which, the opposition leader said he would shift the narrative from “growth-centric” to “job-centric.”

“I would move from just a growth-centric idea to a job-centric idea. I would say, we need growth but we are going to do everything to push production and job creation and value addition,” he said. 

The Congress leader was in discussion with former US Secretary of State Nicholas Burns, a professor at the country’s Harvard Kennedy School.

When asked about what policies he would prioritise if he were elected as Prime Minister, Mr Gandhi said that he would focus on developing a better relationship between value growth and job creation. 

“Currently if look at our growth, the type of relationship that should be there between our growth and job creation, between value addition, between production is not there. The Chinese lead value addition… I have never met a Chinese leader who says to me ‘I’ve got a job-creation problem’,” he said.

“I am not interested in 9 per cent economic growth if I don’t see job numbers right next to it,” he added.

The Congress leader then highlighted the need for institutional structures, adding that the country does not have reasonably free media, financial parity and a set of infrastructures that would allow his as well as others’ party to operate. 

The leader then claimed that the BJP leaders are running with EVM machines in their cars in Assam where Assembly Polls are underway. 

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“It is not just the Congress, the BSP is not winning an election, the SP is not winning an election, the NCP is not winning an election. To fight elections, I need institutional structures, I need a judicial system that protects me, I need a media that is reasonably free, I need financial parity, I need a set of institutional structures that allow me to operate as a political party. I do not have them,” Mr Gandhi said.

He further added that displeased with BJP’s behaviour, many people are getting discontented and the need of the hour is to bring them together.

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