THIS filmmaker does not want to cast Nicole Kidman

THIS filmmaker does not want to cast Nicole Kidman

Los Angeles: Actor Nicole Kidman has revealed that her daughter does not want to cast her mother in in her films.

Kidman has two children with former husband Tom Cruise and Sunday, 13, and Faith, 10, with spouse Keith Urban.

In an interview with Daily Mail, she revealed that Sunday has been making her own amateur movies since she was eight years old, but despite her own glittering career, the Oscar-winning actor admitted the youngster does not want to involve her in her projects.

“(Sunday is) chomping at the bit to go to film school . . . but at 13 and a half, she’s too young. I’m like, ‘Do you want me?!’ And she says, ‘No!’ She may change her mind (but I doubt it),” Kidman said.

“The great thing about her age group is that they can make films on their iPads and iPhones. They learn to edit, lay in sound,” she added.

first published:Jan. 22, 2022, 4 a.m.

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