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These post Covid-19 syndromes are deadly, know how to treat

New Delhi: The coronavirus infection not only attacks the lungs but also the brain. Many people recovering from the Covid-19 infection are facing such problems. 

When patients recovering from Covid-19 come out in the sun, they develop severe headache and confusion. Neurologists are calling it a post Covid-19 headache like migraine. On treating such patients, it was found that coronavirus has damaged the arteries of the brain, due to which the strong sunlight is troubling the patients.

Every day several such patients are approaching neurologists. There are some of them, who were suffering from migraine earlier, their problems increased post Covid-19. There are some who had problems like migraine for the first time. As soon as someone came out in the sun, there was severe pain in one half of the head and some in the whole part.

Dr. Praveen Tripathi, Neuro Surgeon of Sri Ramamurthy Smarak Medical College, says that all the symptoms in the six patients who came to him were like migraine. He told that the corona virus damages the small veins of our blood. Clots in them or reduce the immune response. When the sun’s heat falls on our brain when we go out in the sun, they react, due to which pain starts.

Four types of migraines have come to light

– people who already had migraines, now it has increases. 

– Due to the tension after developing coronavirus, they became victims of tension type headache. 

– Those who got blood clots due to Covid-19, it is called cranial venous thrombosis. 

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– This is sinusitis. In this, the patient may also have black fungus along with migraine.

Start work slowly, leave home with an umbrella

Doctors say that after recovering from coronavirus, take rest for about 15 days. If you go out for work, take some rest once in a while. Go out of the house with an umbrella, do not come in contact with direct sunlight.

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