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The eviction moratorium ends this month — what’s next for renters and landlords? And is the Surfside, Fla., building collapse a ‘gray swan’ climate-change event?

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Is the Surfside, Fla., building collapse a ‘gray swan’ climate-change event?

Structural engineers believe it will take months to pinpoint the causes of the deadly condominium building collapse north of Miami. But its location, near what a leading meteorologist calls “one of the world’s capitals of the consequences of global warming” means that climate change as a potential contributing factor shouldn’t be ignored. Read More

My husband lives in my $650K home. He complains about paying me $2,000 a month in ‘rent’ — and wants to use that money to trade stocks

‘He says he doesn’t want to pay rent, as he is not getting anything in return and the money is wasted. He thinks I am making money from him.’ Read More

The eviction moratorium ends this month. Here’s what’s next for renters and landlords

Local courts across the country could see a sudden influx of eviction cases when the moratorium expires at the end of July. Read More

Mortgage rates retreat below 3% as housing affordability becomes a bigger concern

Falling mortgage rates are another sign that investors view the current spate of inflation to be temporary. Read More

I’ve set pay policies at big companies — here are 3 secrets to getting a raise

Everyone wants to earn more money, but few of us know the best way to ask for a pay increase. Read More

Workers are more likely to get vaccinated — if their companies provide one big perk

Most employers so far have shied away from mandating COVID-19 shots. Read More

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The 2021 Porsche Cayenne is hands-down one of the best-handling SUVs

The Cayenne may be an SUV, but its lower center-of-gravity engine and lightweight aluminum construction make it ride and handle like a sports car. Read More

Should you use ‘buy now, pay later’ services instead of credit cards?

Its predictability seems to resonate with a lot of consumers. Here’s what to consider when deciding which one is better for you. Read More

The difference between a vacation home and a rental property — and what it means for your taxes

The IRS wants to know how much time you spend at that old family cabin at the lake. Read More

Robert Redford Selling $4.9M Horse Whisper Ranch in Utah

Back in the mid-1990s, the legendary actor and director Robert Redford scooped up a ranch in Charleston, UT. Read More

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