Tenet Movie: Christopher Nolan’s film assures mysterious thrill

New Delhi: Christopher Nolan directorial Tenet is all set to go on the floors in India from December 4, that is, tomorrow. The film, which marked the return of cinema halls in the US after being shut for six months in the wake of covid-19 pandemic, has garnered critical acclaim. Reported as one of Nolan’s costliest ventures as on date, the hotly anticipated Tenet movie has cost $250m in making.

The film stars John David Washington, Kenneth Branagh, Robert Pattinson and Dimple Kapadia among others in pivotal roles. 

Nolan, famous for being actors’ director, has previously helmed some of the greatest films of the decade including Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy and Oscar-nominated Dunkirk.

As Tenet hits theatres in India tomorrow, below are some most important points to consider before watching the film. 

Plot and “the Protagonist”:  

Earlier, when Warner Bros announced Tenet movie in May 2019, they said the film is ” an action epic set in the world of international espionage.” It stars John David Washington as “the Protagonist” who gets exposed to a threat called inversion, which reverses the entropy of an object or person by moving backward.  The Protagonist, who is a secret agent, is then forced to join an organization called tenet where he meets Mumbai based arms dealer Priya Singh, played by Dimple Kapadia.  The plot then follows the Protagonist’s adventures as he races against the time to prevent the world from mishaps of World Ward III. 

Comparison to Interstellar and Inception:

Considering its sci fi genre and mega-budget, fans have been comparing Tenet to Nolan’s other mind-benders such as Interstellar and Inception. However, talking about the film, actor Washington had earlier said that it does not rely much on special effects unlike other sci-fi films. 

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“Tenet movie is based on such an incredible, unique, original idea, it got me even more excited about how we’re going to do bring this to life,” the actor had said in a transcript shared with PRI by Warner Bros.

After witnessing the new teaser of the film, which was dropped in select theatres, fans started investigating whether the film is a sequel of 2010 film Inception. All said and done, while the film does make apparent reference to director’s previous projects as reported by foreign reviewers, Tenet is not a sequel of Inception or any other film for that matter. 

Christopher Nolan’s message to Indian fans:

Ahead of Tenet’s theatrical release, director Christopher Nolan on Thursday shared a message for his Indian fans. 

“Hello, I’m Christopher Nolan, the director of ‘Tenet’. I just want to say hello to all the movie fans in India. I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re going to get the opportunity to see ‘Tenet’ on the big screen,” the director said.

 “We shot the film on large format IMAX film in some of the most spectacular places in the world, including Mumbai where we were able to shoot what I consider to be some of the most exciting scenes in the film, some of which were with the great Dimple Kapadia. We had an amazing time shooting in India,” he added.

“It means so much to me that you’re all finally going to be able to see ‘Tenet’ on the big screen. I hope you enjoy it,” Nolan culminated his message.

Notably, the film has been shot in eight countries including India. Breach Candy Hospital, Cafe Mondegar, Colaba Causeway, Colaba Market, Gateway of India, Grant Road, Royal Bombay Yacht Club, and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel are some of the locations where the film was shot in India. 

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The film will be releasing in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.




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