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Tej Pratap says ‘will take big step’ after humiliation at airport while receiving father Lalu Prasad Yadav

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“It was a happy occasion,” Tej Pratap said,  “But the young RJD goons stopped my car. Sunil Singh and Sanjay Yadav were also looking at me strangely. The car was hovering around, and I couldn’t reach my father.”


As the ailing Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) patriarch Lalu Prasad Yadav returned to Bihar after years on Sunday, his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav alleged that he was humiliated at the airport and pushed away from his father by the party’s state president Jagdanand Singh.

Fuming over the humiliation at the airport, Tej Pratap, said, “I will take a big step in the coming days. Until Jagdanand Singh is expelled out of the party, I will have nothing to do with RJD.” He further called the party chief an RSS man.

“It was a happy occasion,” Tej Pratap said, “but the young RJD goons stopped my car. Sunil Singh and Sanjay Yadav were also looking at me strangely. The car was hovering around, and I couldn’t reach my father.”

Tej Pratap also staged a sit-in outside his residence, minutes after he accused his detractors of preventing him from spending time with his father whom he had received at the airport.

The mercurial RJD MLA was, however, assuaged when Prasad came to his house along with wife Rabri Devi. Tej Pratap washed the feet of his father, who remained seated in the car before driving back.

Talking to reporters afterward, Yadav said, “Look how I had decorated my house to welcome my father who had been away from me for long because of cases he has been framed in by his feudal detractors.”

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Earlier, Yadav had thrown a fit outside the residence of his mother Rabri Devi when he was stopped from entering her bungalow at 10, Circular Road, where Prasad is putting up upon return to the city after three years.

Yadav returned to his house, a few hundred meters from his mother’s bungalow, and sat on a dharna along with supporters who carried flags of the “Chhatra Janshakti Parishad” he has floated.

“I am very unhappy. Jagadanand Singh (state RJD president) is an RSS agent who keeps humiliating me. And I have a word of caution for my younger brother Tejashwi as well,” the maverick leader alleged.

“I often say he (Tejashwi) is like Arjuna and I, like Lord Krishna, am committed to helping him get what is his due. But he must realise he is no more a kid breastfed by his mother. If the party continues to function in this fashion, he will never become the chief minister,” fumed Yadav.

The BJP, which is the RJD’s principal rival in Bihar, latched on to the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. In a statement, BJP OBC Morcha national general secretary and state spokesman Nikhil Anand linked Tej Pratap Yadav’s “humiliation” to his ugly marital dispute with wife Aishwarya, whose father Chandrika Roy is now with the JD(U) of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“The very family members who had supported Tej Pratap Yadav in humiliating Aishwarya have now turned their backs on him and treating him as if he is a lunatic. Tej Pratap is politically mature, but he has been sidelined in the party founded by his own father, despite being the elder son. He could never understand the conspiracy against himself,” said Anand. 

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