Tata Motors Group’s global wholesales up by 43 percent in Q4FY21


LAST UPDATED: April 15, 2021, 2:33 p.m.

New Delhi (Anish Yande): Tata Motors Group recorded an increase in global wholesales of its automobiles. The group’s global wholesales which included those of Jaguar Land Rover have risen according to the quarterly results from January to March quarter. 

Global wholesales of Tata Motors Group in March quarter:

The global wholesales of Tata Motors Group rose to 3,30,125 units in the March quarter of FY 2020-21. The automobile major recorded sales of 2,31,929 units in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal. An increase in wholesales by 42.34 percent has been recorded as compared to the previous fiscal. 

The global wholesales include sales of Jaguar Land Rover. Sales of Jaguar Land Rover were recorded at 1,26,979 units in Q4 FY 2019-20. Global wholesales of JLR are at 1,36,461 units in Q4 FY21. The sales are at an incline of 7.47 percent. 

Tata Motors recorded a 39 percent rise in its global passenger vehicle sales to 2,20,697 units in the fourth quarter of 2020-21 as compared with the fourth quarter of 2019-20.

Wholesales of Jaguar are reported at 31,814 units for Q4FY21 and the Land Rover wholesales are at 1,04,647 units. The wholesales for Jaguar in Q4FY20 are 32,940 units and Land Rover wholesales were recorded at 94,039 units in the Q4 FY20.

JLR and Chery Automobiles have formed a joint venture CJLR. CJLR sales are recorded at 13,772 units in Q4FY21 as compared to  6,288 units in Q4 FY20.

Global wholesales of Tata Motor’s commercial range of vehicles and Daewoo range rose to 1,09,428 units in the January-March quarter of 2020-21. The wholesales increased by 55 percent in the March quarter of FY21 as compared to the March quarter of FY20. 

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Tata Motors halts production due to COVID-19:

Tata Motors has halted the production and manufacturing of vehicles from its factories in Pune. The automobile major would keep production shut till April 30. Tata Motors stated that vehicle manufacturing has been halted till April 30, 2021. 

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