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Taiwan shoots down Chinese fighter aircraft

Sept. 4, 2020, 1:54 p.m.

Taipei: In a bold and sensational move, Taiwan shot down fighter aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China after it intruded into its airspace.

This courageous action by Taiwan comes after Chinese PLA aircraft made several incursions into Taiwanese airspace over the last few months.

Although no official confirmation has been made about this so far, but a video has become increasingly viral on social media, saying that a Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft of the PLA was shot down after entering Taiwan’s airspace. 

In the video, the plane is seen on fire and a wounded pilot is present at some distance, near which some people are standing.

It has also been reported on social media that China has categorically denied that Taiwan has shot down any of its aircraft. China said that the aircraft has crashed due to a technical fault. However, reports also say that Taiwan has shot down this PLA aircraft using the THAAD missile system.

Experts believe that if this news is true, then the situation between China and Taiwan can actually get worse in the coming days. China has made it clear that Taiwan is a breakaway province and it is willing to use force to recapture it. 

However, Taiwan has declared itself as a separate nation and has also removed the Republic of China from its passport.

Taiwan gained this strength after support from the US. Ever since China has spread the coronavirus pandemic all over the world, US president Donald Trump has repeatedly criticised the communist nation. 

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