SpiceJet flight makes emergency landing at Mumbai airport, know reason

New Delhi: An emergency landing was made at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning. It is being told that during the landing, a tire of the flight burst on the runway. The runway was closed for some time after the accident. Runway checked. Meanwhile, two other flights were delayed in landing. After all was found safe on the runway, it was again opened for aircraft.

According to the information, SpiceJet flight number SG-8701 from Delhi to Mumbai left at around 7.30 am on Monday morning. This flight reached Mumbai after about 9 o’clock. The SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 aircraft was landing on the main runway 27 of the Mumbai airport when its tire burst. An alert was declared at the airport.
Fire brigade, health and other rescue teams reached the spot. However, the plane landed safely. All passengers are safe. There itself,

A SpiceJet spokesperson said, “The aircraft landed safely on runway 27. On examination one tire was found to be defective. He said that there was no report of smoke. He said that the captain did not feel any abnormality during the landing. All passengers are safe. The matter is being investigated as to why this happened. Work is being done to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

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