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Spanish mountaineer to name peak in Spain after former DM of Uttarkashi

In a gesture of gratitude for saving his life, a Spanish mountaineer has now started the process of naming an unnamed peak in Spain after former district magistrate of Uttarkashi, Ashish Chauhan.

Chauhan said that a group of Spanish mountaineers got stranded near Vasuki Tal in December 2018 due to inclement weather and the district administration had made contact with them after much difficulty and rescued them.

“In December 2018, when I was the district magistrate of Uttarkashi, a Spanish mountaineer named Juan Antonio Padilla had got stranded along with his group due to inclement weather while they had gone on a trek near Vasuki Tal trek (approximate height 14,200 feet above sea level) via Tapovan. Another group of trekkers passing through that area had found them and contact was made to Antonio’s group through them after which they were rescued,” said Chauhan.

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He added that by the time the Spanish mountaineer was rescued his health condition had deteriorated and “due to uncertainty, his confidence was also shaken.”

“We had taken care of him after the rescue and made sure he was healthy before he was sent back to his country… On Independence Day, I got a message from him asking how I spell my name and what is the correct pronunciation, He shared that as a token of gratitude for saving his life and helping him in the Indian Himalayas, he is starting the process of naming the path to a virgin (unclimbed before) peak in Spain after my name,” added Chauhan.

The Indian Administrative Service officer further shared that the peak will be named ‘Magistrate Point/Tip’ and the path leading to the peak will be named ‘Via Ashish’. The name is being registered with the Spanish mountaineering body.

The senior IAS official posted screenshots of his conversation with Antonio on his Facebook profile, wherein the Spanish mountaineer wrote, “…Today we have climbed a virgin area (never climbed) and I have given a name to the summit, but also to the route where we have climbed. I need to know your name in order to complete the registration in the climbing books… In honour of everything lived there and in gratitude to you… we just decided that the top will be called ‘Magistrate’s Point’ and the road will be called ‘Via Ashish’. It is a virgin peak… so that everything makes more sense, the top will be called Magistrate’s Tip and the access to it will bear your name. It will be registered in the climbing books of Gredos (central mountain system) Spain.”

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