Sonu Sood urges fans to keep windows open, says ‘Always there for you’

New Delhi: Actor Sonu Sood helped many migrant laborers and the needy during the lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Even when he tested positive for covid-19 he was still helping the people in need but now the situation is becoming frightening and Sonu Sood is trying his best to help the people. Recently, Sonu urged his fans to inhale the natural oxygen from the trees and keep their windows open.

Recently, Sonu took an important piece of advice for his fans to Twitter and wrote, “People who are using oxygen concentrators pls keep your doors/ windows open as it extracts from open air. Closed doors/windows with an AC ON are not advisable, stay safe. ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.” He is very concerned about the situation of India, he wants to help as much as he can for the people suffering from the deadly virus.

Actor Sonu Sood, who became a messiah for the people in the Corona period, tested positive for Covid-19 on 17 April. A week later, on April 23, Sonu Sood’s corona report came back negative. Sonu Sood gave this information by sharing a picture on his official Instagram account. In this picture, Sonu was seen wearing a mask and making a negative sign with his hands.

Soon after defeating Corona, Sonu Sood once again came forward to help the people. Sonu Sood airlifted a critically ill girl from Nagpur to Hyderabad for treatment from Covid-19. The condition of the 25-year-old girl named Bharti was critical due to corona and her lungs were affected by 85 to 90 percent. With the help of Sonu Sood, she was rushed to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. Doctors said that her lungs need a transplant or special treatment which can be done in Hyderabad itself.

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