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Sonu Sood gets highly trolled for his Maha Shivratri post, #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood trends on Twitter

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood always comes forward to help the needy and that is why he is mostly in the news. Sonu Sood’s help is also highly appreciated, but on the day of Maha Shivratri, suddenly Sonu Sood started getting trolled on social media and the hashtag that went trending on Twitter #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood. In fact, Shiva devotees are angered by Sonu Sood’s tweet on Mahashivratri and are loudly telling him to shut up.

Sonu Sood wrote in his tweet on Mahashivratri, ‘Celebrate Mahashivratri by helping someone, not by forwarding the photo of Lord Shiva. Om Namah Shivaya.’ On this same tweet of Sonu, people have flooded the comment section with their anger. They are telling him to keep quiet and have also started a hashtag of #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood and it is going increasingly viral on social media.

One user wrote, ‘Please do not give us free knowledge about Hinduism. It is really very embarrassing.’ Some users are also trolling him by taking a screenshot of an old tweet by Sonu Sood in which he tweeted on the occasion of Eid. On this, a user wrote, ‘Wow double-minded person, where do you bring knowledge from… that too only on Hindu festivals. My religion is my wish.’ Another user wrote, ‘It is good that Sonu helped people during lockdown but this does not give them the right to rise above Hindus and tell them how to celebrate their festival.’

It is not that all people are opposing Sonu Sood. A large section is also tweeting in support of him. One user wrote, ‘This is the same man who came to help thousands of migrants on the road when the elected government left the poor to die during the lockdown. As I don’t watch movies, I don’t know about his acting skills but Sonu Sood is really an honest person and idol for many.’

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During the lockdown caused by the novel coronavirus, Sonu Sood had arranged for poor migrant labourers not only to go home but also to eat and drink. Sonu Sood was praised not only in India but also abroad for this work. After this, a large section had also demanded the award of Bharat Ratna for Sonu Sood and also built temples of Sonu Sood. Even after the lockdown, Sonu Sood is always in the limelight for helping the poor.

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