Some miscreants peddling preposterous lies to disturb peace in Nagaland: Governor

Guwahati: Nagaland governor R N Ravi said that some people, mostly from outside the State, imbued with a perverse political ideology, have been peddling preposterous lies and are standing as a roadblock to the enduring peace in Nagaland.

Speaking on the auspicious occasion of the 58th Statehood Day of Nagaland, Ravi said that Nagaland state, born out of the sweat and blood of its founding fathers and sacrifices of countless freedom loving Nagas, is and shall remain an integral part of the Union of India.

He said that Nagaland state is not a temporary arrangement. It is an enduring entity and Article 371-A of the Indian Constitution is a sacrosanct commitment to the people of Nagaland.

“Unfortunately, the people of Nagaland have not been able to fully enjoy the fruits of Nagaland State and their full rights and privileges as citizens of the Union of India. Till today the dream of the Founding Fathers for enduring peace remains elusive to the people of Nagaland. Some people, mostly from outside the State, imbued with a perverse political ideology, have been peddling preposterous lies and are standing as a roadblock to the enduring peace in Nagaland. Our befitting tribute to the Founding Fathers will be to liberate our State from the vice-like grips of those vested interests who have destroyed two generations of the people of Nagaland. For this, we must rise above divisive, violent politics and embrace unity, peace and prosperity for the better future of our children and generations to come, ” Ravi added.

Ravi, who is also interlocutor of Naga peace process, said: “On this day we remember the bravery and sacrifices of the Naga leaders who fought through the darkest period of senseless bloodshed through peaceful democratic process to protect the rights and identity of the Naga people. They stood for true freedom of Nagas – freedom from interference in Nagas way of life.”

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The governor added that from time immemorial, Nagas have been a freedom loving people. They have cherished through the centuries their freedom from interference in their way of life. They have fiercely resisted any encroachment on this freedom. Thanks to the Naga leaders diligent pursuit of their freedom that most of the tribal areas in the North East region got their self-government through the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

“While majority Nagas continued to pursue political campaign for a more convincing safeguards under the Constitution of India, some radical leaders articulated their position in extreme terms of independence and adopted violent means to achieve it which pushed Naga hills into widespread bloodshed. In the midst o f such an unfortunate predicament, some bold, brave and farsighted naga leaders formed the Naga Peoples’ Convention under the Presidentship of Dr. ImkonglibaAo. They reached out to Nagas beyond the Naga Hills District and mobilized them to save the Nagas from senseless bloody violence and help them shape their political future.

“The NPC leaders facing extreme threats to their life took initiatives even to reach out to the radicals to shun the self-destructive path of violence and be a partner in the peaceful democratic enterprise to decide the future of Naga people. They initiated an intensely extensive socio-political churning in the Naga Society to crystallise their position on their collective political future, ” the governor observed.

He said that the birth of Nagaland State is triumph of the politics of peace over politics of violence. What the Naga leaders achieved through democratic process, violence could never and will never be able to do so. For far too long this glorious achievement of the Founding Fathers have been eclipsed.

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Talks between NSCN-IM and government of india is caught in a logjam for the outfit is insisting on separate flag and Constitution which government of india had earlier rejected.

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