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Soldiers of India, US show strength in exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas’, tension in Pakistan, China, see photos

Pawan Mishra, New Delhi: The 16th joint military exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas’ between India and the US in Bikaner, Rajasthan, which had started on February 8, ended on February 20. 

It was held at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in Bikaner. Joint operations between the Indo-US Army took place at Mahajan Field Firing Range of Bikaner, Asia’s largest field firing range.

On the last day of this exercise, the armies of both countries demonstrated tremendous military strength. The echo of this exercise was heard from China to Pakistan. During this exercise, soldiers of both countries practiced war under different regions, conditions and geographical locations. A joint operation was conducted on how to deal with terrorists from another country.

On Saturday, the last day of the war games, the armies of both countries carried out operations against the terrorists. Soldiers, para commandos, tanks, infantry combat vehicles, drones, special cameras and helicopters participated in the mock drill.

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The exercise was being conducted at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in the Thar Desert near Bikaner, so its echo was heard till Pakistan. The distance of the border of India and Pakistan from the spot where the war games were held is only about 100 kilometers.

This was the 16th edition of the annual exercise between India and the United States. This time, this exercise was named ‘Zorawar Exercise’.

The exercise was named after General Zorawar Singh, the commander of the army of Dogra king Maharaja Gulab Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Jammu and Kashmir.

India, US, Yudh Abhyas, Pakistan, China, Bikaner, Rajasthan, War, Exercise, Zorawar, Zorawar Singh, General Zorawar Singh, Dogra

General Zorawar Singh had led the Dogra army in an invasion of Tibet in the 19th century and had defeated the combined armies of Tibet and China.

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The US Army’s 1-2 Striker Brigade Combat Team took part in this exercise. It is also known as ‘Ghost Brigade’. These striker vehicles from the US Army C-17 Globemaster aircraft were also involved in this exercise.

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