Sleeping Without Clothes In Summer Can Be Harmful, Know Why

With the onset of summer, people’s sleeping patterns change and most prefer to wear light clothes. This helps them get relief from the scorching heat and get sound sleep. Some people prefer to sleep without clothes, too. However, experts believe that it is not a good idea to sleep without clothes during summers.

This can harm our body. In fact, Julius Patrick, Lead Sleep Physiologist at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, said in an interview that sleeping without clothes can affect our sleep. Patrick said that the body sweat does not evaporate if you sleep naked, which in turn disturbs your sleeping pattern. According to Patrick, instead of sleeping without clothes, we should wear light fabrics like cotton and linen, which help dry the body sweat easily.

Tips to get sound sleep

Heat waves during the summer cause a lot of damage to our bodies. Therefore, to ensure a good night’s rest, always keep your windows open while sleeping and if the weather is cold, sleep with a blanket or comforter. During cold weather, taking a bath with warm water before sleeping also helps in promoting healthy sleep.

Why is it necessary to get a good amount of sleep?

You always feel refreshed after waking up if you have had a good night’s sleep. There are many other benefits of getting good sleep. It improves our cognitive and memory function. Healthy sleep also promotes creativity and improves concentration.


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