Skilled in Odisha professionals are for ‘E-Waste To Wealth’

Image Source : BERHAMPUR ITI

Skilled in Odisha professionals are for ‘E-Waste To Wealth’

E-waste could have a horrible impact on our environment eventually our health. Skilled in Odisha professionals of ITI Berhampur started e-waste creativity by creating art by upcycling the electronic components which are of no use. The goal is to raise awareness of e-waste and how to reduce it so that more people will up cycle their e-waste in micro-level. The main aim is to convenience more and more people to upcycle and which will helpful go for circular economy along with skill development of the trainees undergoing skill training.

Various items like useless motherboard, CPU, EPROM, SDM radial capacitor. LED display, mouse, PCB boards etc were turned into beautiful objects like clock, flower pot, wall hanging dummy robots. All this small handicrafts can be used by interior decorator professionals. A 30 ft. big sculpture is under construction which will use only the e -waste. This will give a message to the entire world the importance of upcycling of e-waste.

The students and teachers are the warriors of the planet to lead sustainability. Usage of e-waste has given a significant impact of the students and the public as they have donated all the e -waste which were dumped in their home since long. Creating public awareness is the main mission of the movement and to locate a new area for employment creation. So as to say the mention forthe: WASTE TO WEALTH” 

Rajat Kumar Panigrahi, Principal of Berhampur ITI said, “Being an innovator and skilled trainer and who cares for environment. We are concerned about the future generation and the work we do, hope will help in the betterment of the generation. The economic behind our initiative is, if each person stops discarding end of life products, up cycling or re-using will take a major difference in healthy living.”

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The E-waste collection Centre inaugurated on Saturday and will motivate and create awareness not only among our students but also on the general public of the Berhampur city.


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