‘Sit Down’: Kangana Ranaut lashes out on Journalist over mention of Deepika Padukone at ‘Lock Upp’

'Sit Down': Kangana Ranaut lashes out on Journalist over mention of Deepika Padukone at 'Lock Upp'

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is the ‘Queen’ of controversies. She is very straightforward about her thoughts and is never afraid of commenting on other celebs. The actress lashed out on media about ‘Gehraiyaan’ actor Deepika Padukone in her debut show as a host ‘Lock Upp.’

She has lashed out at various Bollywood actors, she even got into a war of words with a few of them, like Swara Bhaskar, Taapsee Pannu, and Diljit Dosanjh on Twitter. Also, she addressed Karan Johar as “the flag-bearer of nepotism.” Now, her recent target was a journalist, and Deepika Padukone too.

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Kangana lashed out at a reporter, during an event that was held to launch her new reality show ‘Lock Upp.’ It was all going well, but the actor lost her cool when a journalist posed a question about a recent controversy involving Deepika. 

The reporter asked Kangana about her take on an influencer shaming Deepika for the ‘hemlines and necklines’ she wore during the promotions of Gehraiyaan. But Kangana gave an out-of-the-box response. She said, “Look, I am here to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Alright? She can defend herself. She has the privilege, the platform and I can’t promote her film here. Sit down.”

Even after this, the reporter continued that while she cited Deepika’s controversy, her intention was not to promote any film. Then, Kangana snapped at her and said that as she named the film, which is all set to release, it indicates that the journalist has been planted by the PRs of the said film. “Arre yaar, hum itne bhi toh naadaan nahi hai na (I am not so naive). Do it outside, I will engage with you for 45 minutes,” she said. 

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Ekta Kapoor, who is producing ‘Lock Upp’ tried to douse the fire, but the journalist was very much offended by Kangana’s tone.

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first published:Feb. 4, 2022, 2:03 p.m.

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