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Shocking: Recovered coronavirus patients facing THIS problem 2 months after beating COVID-19

Oct. 9, 2020, 3:40 p.m.

New Delhi: The coronavirus pandemic is gradually slowing down in India and the number of people recovering from the COVID-19 virus is increasing. 

However, a shocking revelation has been made about patients recovering from coronavirus, which suggests that patients recovering from COVID-19 are experiencing reduced smell and taste.

According to the information, 5% of those who have recovered from coronavirus experience a decrease in their ability to smell and taste. Both of these abilities do not return for 2 months after the patient recovers. Many other problems are also seen in people recovering from COVID-19.

Problems even after recovering from coronavirus

Coronavirus patients who are recovering from COVID-19 often complain of body aches. Apart from this, there is also difficulty in breathing. One patient said that he had also experienced difficulties while climbing stairs and suddenly started feeling angry. 

He had to stay on a ventilator for several days and had nightmares. When the patient approached the doctor, he was told that this was all a part of the process of recovering from coronavirus, and that his condition will gradually improve.

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