‘Shocking’: Malaika Arora condemns Kumbha Mela gathering amid covid surge

Mumbai: Organisation of Kumbh Mela amid century’s first pandemic, covid-19, has attracted nationwide criticism. Disturbing visuals of thousands of people taking a dip together out in the open in the name of religious activity while half of the country remains locked inside their houses in fear have led people to criticise the event. Bollywood actor Malaika Arora is the recent celebrity to express her dismay over the occurrence.

Sharing a picture on her Instagram stories, she wrote: “It’s a pandemic but this… #shockingggg.” The picture showed huge crowds gathered on a narrow road.

She also shared a post that stated India has reported over 2 lakh cases in a single day and urged people to stay inside their homes. “We stay in, we stay safe! Pls think about the people around you guys.. we are not invincible.”

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Besides Malaika, many others have also expressed their disappointment. TV actor Karan Wahi, who has been actively sharing his opinions on the current situation, took to his Instagram Stories to post a picture of one of Shahi Snaans whiile stressing how over 1,700 tested positive for Covid-19 in five days in Haridwar. 

Alia Bhatt’s mother and actress Soni Radzan too shared a news story and wrote on Twitter: “Guess where all the tests are and no wonder we don’t have any …. ‘Nearly 1,300 test Covid positive at Kumbh in 5 days, 14 lakh take part in 3rd shahi snan’. 

India is currently battling with the worst surge of novel coronavirus. The country has been reporting over 2 lakh cases for the last two days consecutively, while death toll has also been recorded over 1,000 for two consecutive days. 

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Amid the steep rise in number of cases, many states across the country have introduced stringent measures to curb the virus. Night curfews, weekend curfews and other guidelines have been introduced in cities like Delhi and Mumbai to break the chain of the infection. 

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