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Shilpa Shibde slams Gangs of Filmistan producers for ‘spreading lies’, exposes screenshots and chats

Sept. 4, 2020, 5:05 p.m.

Mumbai: Shilpa Shinde recently announced her exit from the comedy show, Gangs of Filmistan, citing creative differences with the team. Upon the announcement of her quitting the show, the producers of the show apparently leaked their WhatApp chats on social media which didn’t go well with the actor. 

Shilpa then took to her social media to clarify her stance. She shared screenshots of the emails exchanged with the production along with the WhatsApp chats. She also shared the script of an episode that was shot in August and hardly had her in any scene. 

The Bigg Boss 11 winner also shared that she has been feeling unwell and developed Covid-19 symptoms since she started shooting. She further ruled out any possibility of working with Simoes sister in future.

In an email sent to Shilpa, Neeti Simoes, the producer of the show, said that it is up to actor if she wishes to be a part of the show or not. She also mentioned to have a conversation to understand Shilpa’s grievances in order to lead to a conclusion. In a reply to the aforementioned email, Shilpa stated some of her problems. The actor said that she doesn’t want to work with Sunil Grover as he takes up almost all of the space, leaving nothing much for her to do. Shilpa also mentioned various other problems in her email, including extended shoot hours and ill-fitted costumes. 

“Dear, Preeti/Neeti @preeti_simoes @neeti_simoes. Stop telling lies as I had already e-mail you on 29th Aug 2020 regarding my issues & wanted to end this matter on happy note & you have replied too. I’ve also received flowers & a note stating “Get well soon and missing you at the sets”. Hence kindly stop this drama. I’ve been unwell while shooting at your sets and currently have COVID symptoms. No one is paying for this but only I have to face… So atleast what you could do is not to spread that you are trying to contact me and all. It is a male dominated comedy, I suppose everyone would agree. I don’t understand why are you claiming to have called me again and again. After this bitterness, I doubt I would be able to do a comedy show with you. So let’s not aggravate the situation then what it is already or else let’s end this on positive note. P.S. Screenshot of Mail Sent on 29th Aug 2020,” she captioned the post while sharing the screenshots. 

In a separate post, Shilpa shared screenshots of WhatsApp conversation with Preeti Simoes, which also happened on August 29.

For the unversed, this is to be made clear that Shilpa Shinde was set to make her television comeback after two years, but decided TO quit the show even before it premiered. 

Besides Sunil Grover, the show also stars Sugandha Mishra, Upasna, Paritosh Tripathi among others. 

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