Shefali Jariwala opens up on divorce with Harmeet Singh, says ‘Not every violence is physical, there is mental violence too’

New Delhi: Bigg Boss fame Shefali Jariwala was earlier married to Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros fame. The pair are no longer together. In a recent interview, Shefali opened up about her first marriage, and the turmoil she had to go through while filing for a divorce. Shefali has said that she was facing ‘mental violence’ in her marriage and decided to break it off. She added that women must realise when their partner does not appreciate them anymore.

Opening up about the same, the Shefali clarified that ‘Not every kind of violence is physical’ and she had to bear a lot of mental anguish. Talking to leading daily Shefali said, “It is very important to understand that you are not being appreciated. Not every kind of violence is physical. There is a lot of mental violence that also happens and you are very unhappy in your life,” Talking about divorce, Shefali said “I think, one of the reasons why I could make the decision for myself, was because I was independent. I was making my own money. The biggest fear in our country that we have is of the society. Divorce is considered to be taboo but the way I have been raised is to not really care about society but just do what we feel is right.  I could take such steps in my life and had strong support.”

The actress later found love again and later got married to Parag Tyagi. Talking about how she met Parag, the actress revealed that they were introduced by a  common friend at a dinner party, who thought that Shefali and Parag were perfect for each other.”I was single at that time.  It was an arranged sort of a date. We really liked each other a lot and hit off instantly. Parag and I are very similar and different in many ways. I think we kind of balance each other out,” she said. Shefali is currently in a happy space, having married actor Parag Tyagi in 2014.

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