Shanghai lockdown again: Millions in Minhang district face strict Covid-19 restrictions

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A worker takes a swab sample from a resident for a nucleic acid test in Huangpu District in Shanghai, China, on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

China Covid Cases, Shanghai Lockdown News: Millions of Chinese people in Shanghai are once again facing strict lockdown due to a fresh Covid-19 outbreak. According to a Reuters report, the Chinese government has ordered to impose restrictions in Minhang, a suburban district of Shanghai, as Covid-19 fears linger again.

The report said that mass Covid testing will be done in Minhang following which the restrictions will be relaxed. Minhang is home to 2.7 million people.

The decision was taken even as the Chinese metropolis struggles to fully emerge from severe two-month Covid restrictions.

The Chinese government had recently announced to ease the Covid curbs after two months of strict lockdown. The fresh lockdown in Minhang is in accordance with the country’s zero-Covid policy.

According to Minhang district authorities, during the lockdown period starting Saturday, people will be placed under ‘closed management’ and all residents will be tested.

“The closure will be lifted after samples have been collected,” the authorities said without giving a specific date for lifting the restrictions, according to a Reuters report.

Under the zero-Covid policy, the Chinese government aims to prevent any community spread of the virus. For this, the government has enacted draconian measures like imposing strict lockdowns and mass testing.

Shanghai, the country’s commercial capital and home of the world’s busiest port, was placed under lockdown in March in response to a massive Covid outbreak. The two-month restrictions were relaxed recently. The strict restrictions dragged down Chinese economic activity and disrupted global manufacturing and trade.

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