Shaan remembers not recognising Yo Yo Honey Singh at party, leaving him ‘upset’


Shaan remembers not recognising Yo Yo Honey Singh at party, leaving him ‘upset’

Singer Shaan who earlier took a dig at rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh now shared an anecdote when he didn’t recognize Yo Yo Honey Singh when the two met at a party once, and when he apologized, Honey became ‘upset’. Shaan while in conversation with music composer Salim Merchant in his chat show recalled the incident which took place with Honey. 

Shaan had said, “Yo Yo Honey Singh. I’d never met him before. When I saw him on screen, he was much slimmer. I didn’t realise he’d gained a lot of weight; I met him at some party. And everyone was copying his style at that point. So I didn’t recognise him.”

He continued, “He met with a lot of love, said ‘Shaan sir, I’ve been following you…’ I said ‘thank you’.” Shaan added with a laugh, “Suddenly I realised (who he was), and like an idiot, I went and said sorry. He became a little upset. I felt like such an idiot. Why did I have to go back and tell him that I didn’t recognise him?”

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For the unversed, Shaan had earlier made a statement related today that the standard of music in the country has dipped. In an interview with AskMen India, Shaan said in Hindi, “Very few people actually understand music. We cannot musically educate everyone but what we can do is churn out good music so that people develop a taste for it. But the easiest way is to stoop down to their level. Why is rap music so popular today? Is it because they use expletives? No, because there is no musicality in rap songs. Anyone can sing songs like Chaar Botal Vodka, Sunny Sunny and Lungi Dance.”

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