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Seeking information about message source on WhatsApp not violation of right to privacy: Govt

New Delhi: The central government made a big statement on Wednesday regarding the right to privacy. 

The central government has said that it respects the right to privacy. However, if WhatsApp is asked to reveal the source or origin of a message, it does not mean violating the right to privacy.

The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Broadcasting said that such requirements are only required in cases when the dissemination of a particular message has to be stopped or investigated or sentenced for serious offenses such as sexual content.

“Government of India respects the Right of Privacy and has no intention to violate it when WhatsApp is required to disclose the origin of a particular message,” the Ministry of Electronics and IT said in a statement.

The IT Ministry said that on one hand, WhatsApp is seeking to implement the privacy policy, where it will share the data of all its users with its parent company Facebook. On the other hand, WhatsApp, on the other hand, makes every effort to refuse to implement the arbitral guidelines necessary to maintain law and order and curb fake news.

The government says that all work in the country should be in accordance with the law of the land. The government has clearly stated that other rules, including the need for additional scrutiny for large social media companies have come into effect from Wednesday.

Along with this, the IT Ministry has also sought details about the Chief Compliance Officer appointed by the companies, the Grievance Officer appointed in India under the new social media rules. Also, the government has issued directives from social media platforms to submit status reports about compliance with the new digital regulations.

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WhatsApp has moved the Delhi High Court against the decision of the Government of India. WhatsApp has said in its petition that the new rules made by the government have been violated by the right to privacy given under the constitution. WhatsApp has said that it only wants to reveal the identity of those people who misuse its platform.

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