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Sawan Somvar 2021: Learn Prayer Rituals Observing Sawan Somvar Fast To Fulfill Wishes

Sawan Somvar 2021: The month of Sawan is considered sacred in Hinduism. During this time, people worship Lord Shiva. This year, the month of Sawan is starting from 25th July. It is believed that if you worship Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan all your wishes can be fulfilled. Let us learn more about the method one should adopt while worshipping on Sawan Somvar.

Dates Of Sawan Somvar 2021

In the year 2021, there are four Mondays in Sawan and a devotee can keep a day-long fast on those days. The first Monday of Sawan is on 26th July, the second Monday on 2nd August, the third one on 9th August, and the fourth on 16th August.  

Prayer Method During Sawan Somvar Fast

Wake up in the morning and take a bath. After that, offer water to the Sun God. Next, sprinkle Gangajal all over your house. Keep chanting “Om Namah Shivaay” in your mind while doing this. If you have a Shivling in your house, you can bathe it with water. If there is no Shivling, you can make one using clay. Keep in mind that the size of the Shivling should not be too big. 

After this, sit with a picture of Lord Shiva and start praying. You can read the Vrat Katha and dedicate flowers, lamps, and incense sticks to the lord. After the prayer, chant this mantra – “मम क्षेमस्थैर्यविजयारोग्यैश्वर्याभिवृद्धयर्थं सोमव्रतं करिष्ये.” “ध्यायेन्नित्यंमहेशं रजतगिरिनिभं चारुचंद्रावतंसं रत्नाकल्पोज्ज्वलांग परशुमृगवराभीतिहस्तं प्रसन्नम्‌.” “पद्मासीनं समंतात्स्तुतममरगणैर्व्याघ्रकृत्तिं वसानं विश्वाद्यं विश्ववंद्यं निखिलभयहरं पंचवक्त्रं त्रिनेत्रम्‌.” After reading the Shiv Chalisa, pray to the lord and distribute the holy sacrament. 

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Importance Of Fasting On Monday In Sawan

If you keep a fast on the Mondays of Sawan and follow the complete rituals, God will bless you and your family. Sawan is considered to be the month of Lord Shiva, so it is considered the best month to worship Lord Shiva. God will fulfill all your wishes.

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