Satellite Images Show Russian Artillery Damage, 40-Metre Crater In Ukraine

Satellite images showing destruction of buildings in Rubizhne (high res: here)

With a fierce battle underway in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas, latest satellite images show the extent of destruction caused by continuous and relentless Russian artillery. The Kremlin has been focusing its attacks and operations on Severodonetsk, the largest city still under Ukraine’s control in Donbas’s Luhansk region.

High resolution images collected by Maxar Technologies over a period of 24 hours on Monday show damaged buildings from artillery shelling in downtown Severodonetsk and around a hospital. From a hole in the roof, to charred buildings, the images showcase how the area has been laid waste by constant shelling.

Severodonetsk, an industrial hub, is key to Russia’s plan as its fall would open up the route to Kramatorsk, the main city of Donetsk. At least 70 per cent of Severodonetsk is reported to be under Russian control, though the Ukrainian forces are fighting back.


Damaged buildings around hospital, Severodonetsk (high res: here)

In Rubizhne, a city just 20 minutes from Severodonetsk, the effects of the Russian offensive can be seen in pictures that are just a day apart.


Buildings in Rubizhne before the destruction (high res: here)

While the first image – before the attack – shows buildings completely intact, there’s almost total annihilation in the second photograph released by Maxar.


Buildings in Rubizhne after the destruction (high res: here)

Where buildings stood mere 24 hours earlier, there’s now just rubble.

The Russian forces are using multiple rocket launchers or MRLs to execute the attacks. Placed about 11 kilometres northeast of Severodonetsk, the MRLs can be seen in lush green fields with their rocket pods oriented towards Severodonetsk. The scorch marks on the ground behind one of the MRL are a clear sign of recent firing activity.


Field deployed multi rocket launchers (high res: here)

With smoke billowing in the air, at least seven artillery strikes can be observed around the town of Dolyna, in south western Ukraine. Heavy shelling can also be seen in the satellite images along the Siverskyi Donets River and town of Bogorodichne, which lies northwest of Slovyansk.


Artillery shells exploding around Dolyna (high res: here)

More images from the region show fields peppered with hundreds of artillery craters


Fields littered with artillery craters (high res: here)

A massive bomb crater with a 40-metre diameter and recent shelling with destroyed buildings in Dovhenke.


40-meter wide crater in Dovhenke (high res: here)

After being pushed back from Ukraine capital Kyiv and Kharkiv during the early stages of Russia’s invasion, Kremlin has largely concentrated its attack on Donbas, claiming it is on a mission to liberate the area.

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