Salt Bae Seen Touching The World Cup Trophy, Slammed For Breaking FIFA Rules

The World Cup is famously only allowed to be touched by a select few

In a nail-biting match, Argentina defeated two-time champions France 4-2 on penalties in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final on Sunday. Team captain Lionel Messi became the first player in the squad to get his hands on the World Cup trophy and lift it into the sky. However, there were some others too, who wanted to touch the classic trophy and be a part of the historic moment.

One of them was Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, better known as ‘Salt Bae’, who angered football fans after he crashed Argentina’s World Cup trophy celebrations at the Lusail Stadium. The celebrity chef also posted pictures of the celebration on his Instagram account, which led to further displeasure among fans. In the pictures, he can be seen holding the trophy all alone, posing with Argentinian players, and biting some of the champions’ medals around his neck. He could be even seen pestering Lionel Messi for a picture, however, the player ignored him and continued hugging his teammates instead.

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The 18-carat gold trophy, estimated to be worth around USD$20 million is famously only allowed to be touched by a select few. According to the FIFA website, “The original FIFA World Cup Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup and heads of state.”

The pictures left social media users disappointed, and many questioned why he was allowed to hold the trophy and allowed on the pitch. One user said, ” Yo shouldn’t touch the Cup. You ‘re not a Champion.” Another commented, ” Why u are holding it and why u are on the field? U shoudlnt be there. this is the time for players who have worked hard and not for celebrities to hang around and take selfies for their own promo.” A third said, ” Unfollowing you, you shouldn’t have touched that trophy only the players and staff who worked their asses off to become champions have that right. You only want attention.”

In 2014, pop singer Rihanna broke a similar rule when she touched the trophy during Germany’s post-match victory party. She also posed for a selfie and revealed she had kissed the trophy.

Notably, Salt Bae shot to fame online for his unique way of putting the finishing touches of salt on steaks at his Nusr-Et restaurant chain.

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