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Royal Enfield Bullet itself used to reach the place of owner’s demise, People started worshiping it building a Sherine

New Delhi: Over the way to Ahmedabad to Jodhpur there is a place called ‘Chotila Dham’, located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the Pali (City) and about 50 kilometers before Jodhpur, in Rajasthan.

Herd of parked vehicles on the side of the highway starts to grab your attention from a distance. On getting closer, you can notice a temple, where everyone bows their heads and only then moves forward. Weather they are drivers of buses and trucks or bike riders or owners of luxury vehicles, all repeats the same practice at the sherine. 

But this is not a conventional temple. Because a Royal Enfield Bullet-350 is worshiped here instead of any God’s deity. The registration number of the bullet is RNZ-7773.

This Royal Enfield Bullet belongs to Om Singh Rathore, son of Thakur Jog Singh Rathore of Chotila village. As per local legends, in 1988, Om Singh was coming to his house on his bullet, but suddenly lost control and hit a nearby tree. He died on the spot.

Under routine procedure, Police brought his bullet to the police station. On the other hand, the family performed the last rites of Om Singh. But the next morning came to surprise everyone.

It is said that the bullet was missing from the police station. When the police questioned the family, they expressed their unawareness. On investigation, it was found that the bullet reached at the same tree where Om Singh’s accident took place.

Assuming it to be the act of some prankster, the police took the bullet back to the police station and chained it with emptied tank. But the next day everyone was took aback as the bullet was disappeared again.

It was said that, the chain was broken and the bullet was found back standing under the same tree. When locals came to know about the incident, they decided to built a temple dedicated to Om singh Rathore.

Locals claim that the place where Om Singh Rathod died, there used to be frequent road accidents. But after the death of Om Singh, the number of accidents decreased surprisingly. It is said that even if there was any accident in that particular area, the soul of Om Singh Rathore would have reached there for help. And this happened repeatedly.

Gradually people’s reverence in Om Singh Rathore and the popularity of Chotila Dham, both increased. Since Rajput youth in Rajasthan are addressed as ‘Bana’ in honor. Hence the late Om Singh Rathore also became famous among the devotees with christened ‘Om Bana’. Not only in Rajasthan but devotees from all over the country and abroad come to Chotila Dham.

It is believed that whoever gets the blessings of Om bana never met any deadly accidents in their life.

The interesting thing is that devotees of Om Bana show great interest in taking ‘7773’ registration number for their vehicles. The RTO officials also understand this very well. Therefore, bidding is organized for this number, which sometimes reaches up to lakhs of rupees.

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