Ronaldo leaves Manchester United, owners might sell the club

New Delhi: Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United. His contract with the club has expired. “The star player has left the English club with immediate effect,” revealed a club owner.

Contract worth Rs 216 crores

The owner also talked about selling the club. The American owners of the club say that they are ready to sell the club. Ronaldo was linked with Manchester United last year. There was an agreement of Rs 216 crore between him and the club. Earlier he used to play for Juventus.

Ronaldo made several allegations

In fact, for the last few days, all was not going well between Portugal’s star footballer Ronaldo and the English club. The 37-year-old footballer made several allegations against the club’s management and manager Erik Ten Haag in an interview last week.

Ronaldo had earlier said- ‘Some people in the club want to remove me.’ Ronaldo did not stop here, he accused manager Haig of provoking himself during a match.

He also said- ‘Haag provoked me last month in the match played against Tottenham at Old Trafford on 19 October.’ He didn’t stop here… and said- ‘I think he has done it intentionally. I was feeling incensed. I do not respect him because he does not respect me.

‘I love Manchester’ says Ronaldo

The star footballer also wrote, ‘After talking to Manchester United, we have decided to end the contract. I love Manchester United. I also love those fans who never change. I think this is the right time to look for a new change. I hope the team achieves success in future editions.

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