RIP Dharampal Gulati: 98-year-old owner of MDH spices no more

New Delhi: King of spices and owner of MDH spices Maheshwari Dharampal Gulati has passed away. He was 98 years old.

It is being said that he died due to heart failure. Recently, Dharampal Gulati had become coronavirus infected. But he had defeated coronavirus and had recovered. But now his death due to heart attack is reported.

Maheshwari Dharmapal Gulati was born in Sialkot, in present day Pakistan, in 1923. The economic status of his family was not good. Dharampal was weak in studies and had failed in the fifth grade. After this, he quit school. Dharampal’s father started sending him to the shop to teach work.

But he was successful in any work and by the age of 15, he had changed a lot of work. Sialkot was famous for red chillies, which is why his father opened a small shop. Gradually this shop started running well. After independence of the country in 1947, Sialkot was made a part of Pakistan. After this, Dharampal and his family left Pakistan and moved to Delhi.

When he left Pakistan and came to Delhi, he had only 1500 rupees. He bought a horse carriage for 650 rupees and then started living with it, then he felt that nothing could be done with this much money.

He had a good knowledge of spices and started grinding and selling spices and his business grew due to pure spices. Due to his hard work and dedication, he opened a spice factory in Delhi in 1996.

Gradually he achieved a lot of success and then he never looked back. Today MDH has become a big company all over the world. Today, their spices are supplied in more than 100 countries. Let me tell you that Dharampal was also a social worker.

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