Riches to rags? Vinod Kambli earns only Rs 1000 per day

New Delhi: Players who have played cricket for India are the owners of millions. Even after taking retirement from cricket, these players have enough money to live their whole life. However, one of the players of Team India is finding it hard to feed himself and his family.

The name of this legendary player is Vinod Kambli. Vinod Kambli, 50, is looking for work and has also approached the Mumbai Cricket Association.

Displayed stormy batting in 1993

Vinod Kambli created havoc by scoring 793 runs in his first seven matches. This hapened in the year 1993. At that time when he used to scores runs in Test matches at a strike rate of 113.29.

Imagine how destructive the batting must have been. At the time Kambli’s 224 and 227 were his best scores. But today the veteran is so helpless that he is ready to do any work on the field to run his family.

Pension is the only source of income

According to information, Vinod Kambli gets a pension of 30 thousand rupees from the BCCI. This pension is his only source of income. He his thankful to the board for this.

Hard to recognize now

Vinod Kambli is 50 years old. Kambli finds it a bit difficult to recognize now. With a white beard and a hat on his head he reached the MCA coffee shop. He looked so slim that it became hard to recognize him.

At the moment of his visit, the gold chain around his neck, the bracelet of the hand, the big watch, everything was missing. Even the screen of his mobile phone was broken.

Tendulkar knows everything: Kambli

When Vinod Kambli was asked if his childhood friend Sachin Tendulkar was aware of his financial condition, he said, “He knows everything.” But I am not expecting anything from him. He had hired me at Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy. I was quite happy. He has been a very good friend. He has always helped me.

Partnership of 664 runs in school cricket with Sachin

In school cricket, there was a partnership of 664 runs between Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar. After this both these players came into the limelight. Vinod Kambli has been a talented cricketer of India. But after playing 17 Test matches and 104 ODIs, Vinod Kambli’s international career came to an end.

Played 17 Tests and 104 ODIs

Vinod Kambli has played 17 Tests and 104 ODIs for India in his career. He has scored 1084 runs in ODIs and 2477 runs in Tests cricket formats. He used to play cricket with Sachin since his childhood. He also started his career in a strong way, but later he could not maintain his form and was out of the team.

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