REVEALED: Former Miss Argentina, ex-Miss Puerto Rico get married

New Delhi: Former Miss Argentina Mariana Varela and ex Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentín got hitched together on October 28. They made their wedding official taking to their social media handle.

In a joint Instagram post shared by the duo, they wrote, “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we now open our doors to a special day.”

The message included what appeared to be their wedding date, Oct. 28, along with heart and ring emojis.

Former Miss Argentina and ex Miss Puerto Rico get married

Seeing the video, the fans are giving a lot of reaction and are also congratulating.

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico are two beauty queens who have become each other’s forever. It was not easy for them to do so. They have announced their relationship through social media. They shared a video of both of them on their Instagram account in which they are seen wearing each other’s ring and holding hands. Not only this, the happiness of love is clearly visible on the faces of both.

Their love story began when Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico represented themselves in a beauty contest. According to reports, the two met for the first time at Miss Grand International 2020 and were in love at first sight for each other. But they did not want to reveal their relationship to anyone and after a long time in the relationship, now both of them have confessed their love in front of the world.

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