Renewed tensions between China, Japan over Senkaku Island

Beijing: Tensions are rising between China and Japan over Senkaku Island. China has once again claimed that it is part of its territory. 

Japan has said that China is deliberately creating a situation of conflict. His ships have remained in the border of the disputed island in and around Senkaku for 120 consecutive days.

Japan has said that China is violating international rules by its continuous presence along the border of Senkaku Island. 

“We are monitoring carefully,” Japan Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said. 

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the Diaoyu (Senkaku as it is known in China) islands are part of their territory. 

“Our army is also responsible for the security here. Japan must adhere to the four-point in-principle agreement,” he said.

China again violated the airspace of Taiwan and Malaysia

Not only Japan, China is also regularly violating the borders of Taiwan and Malaysia. China once again infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace.Around 29 fighter planes of China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) attempted to enter the Taiwan border. 

Similarly, Chinese airplanes entered the border of Malaysia in the South China Sea. Malaysia’s foreign minister said, China should respect Malaysia’s sovereignty.

US lawmakers will go to Taiwan

The news of US officials going to Taiwan makes China restless. This time three US lawmakers are going to Taiwan. 

These three members are members of the Armed Service Committee of the US Senate. Here he will meet top leaders of Taiwan. Their regional security will also be discussed.

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