Rajya Sabha Secretariat issues order before monsoon session, bans demonstrations in Parliament House complex

New Delhi: Demonstrations, dharnas, hunger strikes can no longer be organized in the Parliament House Complex. The circular to this effect has been issued by the Secretariat. As per the new order of the Secretary General of Rajya Sabha, Members of Parliament can no longer use this premises for any demonstrations.

In the order, it has been said that the members may not use the premises of Parliament House for the purpose of any demonstration, dharna, strike, fasting, or any kind of religious ceremony.

The monsoon session of Parliament is expected to be a turbulent one. The opposition may create a ruckus on several issues like inflation, unemployment and Agneepath scheme

The Congress has slammed the central government led by PM Modi while sharing the copy of the order of the Rajya Sabha General Secretary. The opposition is furious over this decision.

Meanwhile, in the midst of a controversy over the compilation or dictionary of unparliamentary words, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has made it clear that no word is banned. That is, the words given in the list can also be spoken by the MPs, but they should not be used in the wrong context. If the reference is wrong then it will be removed from the parliamentary proceedings.

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