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Rajinikanth on protesters seeking him to join politics, ‘Don’t give me pressure and pain’


Rajinikanth on protesters seeking him to join politics, ‘Don’t give me pressure and pain’

Superstar Rajinikanth released a statement on Monday saying that his decision to not entering politics will not change and that people should stop forcing him and causing him pain. He stated in the letter, “My heartfelt thanks to those who did not participate in the protest, in line with the leadership request. I have already elaborated on the reasons as to why I am not entering politics now. I have announced my decision. I humbly request you all to not conduct such events and force me to enter politics and cause me pain.” 

Yesterday thousands of fans, well-wishers of Rajinikanth gathered in Valluvar Kottam, Chennai and demanded that he should enter politics and reconsider his decision. People protested and raised slogans like ‘Va Thalaiva Va’ (Come leader come) and ‘Now or never’.

It was 2017 when Rajinikanth had announced his intention to enter politics. Ever since the members of the Rajini Makkal Mandram group had been working on the ground.

Rajinikanth has canceled his plans to enter politics because of deteriorating health as well as the coronavirus pandemic on December 29, last year. He had declared in a three-page statement, “I know what I’ve spoken, but I can’t make others scapegoats for my problems. So, I cannot start a party, and cannot join politics. Only I know the pain I’m going through while writing these words.”

As per reports, Rajinikanth underwent a kidney transplant in 2016 and he was admitted to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad on December 25, 2020, following complaints of severe blood pressure fluctuations and exhaustion. He came back to Chennai after his discharge on December 27. The actor was advised to avoid activities that could increase his chances of contracting Covid-19.


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