Raising pro-Pak slogans, singing its national anthem completely unacceptable: Ananya Jamwal, J&K MBBS student

Raising pro-Pak slogans, singing its national anthem completely unacceptable: Ananya Jamwal, J&K MBBS student

Raising pro-Pakistan slogans, singing their national anthem is completely unacceptable, said MBBS student from Jammu and Kashmir Ananya Jamwal (ex-student of SKIMS who migrated to Government Medical College (GMC), Jammu in 2nd year). Jamwal had shared some viral videos of how some students in Kashmir were celebrating Pakistan’s victory in the ICC men’s T20 World Cup against India on October 24. Ever since she exposed these students, she is being threatened, trolled across many social media platforms for raising her voice against supporting her country.

In an exclusive conversation with India TV, Ananya Jamwal describes how she is being targeted on social media, being threatened and even being called a ‘rogue element’.

Ananya Jamwal said that after India vs Pakistan match at the ongoing ICC T20 cricket world cup in which Pak beat India by 10 wickets, some videos went viral on social media where some students of GMC, Srinagar and Sher E Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Srinagar (SKIMS) were seen raising pro-Pakistan slogans such as ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.

She said especially some girls from JMS Srinagar were seen singing Pakistan’s national anthem.

“When I shared these viral posts on my social media handles, then I started receiving threats… people started accusing me that I have filed an FIR… I am a member of the RSS… I am a Sanghi…”

“When I was receiving these threats then a particular Twitter handle shared my photo and alleged that I am a police informer… In fact, a terrorist organisation in a letter — which is going viral — has too threatened non-local students who are studying in Kashmir that if we don’t stop raising our voice then it wouldn’t be good for our safety.

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She said, “Dr Monica Langeh (@drmonika_langeh) had first shared posts where some were seen raising pro-Pakistan slogans… it was from her handle when other pages shared it and I too… then people started targeting me saying I am being disloyal to my own batchmates… I am leaking their identity… I am making their videos viral…”

“I want to say this that I am just a common citizen of India who is raising her voice for India.”

On being asked if she if feeling scared… Ananya said, “no she’s not.”

“I am not feeling scared… I just joined Twitter a couple of days ago… to raise my voice clearly in front of the country that how I am being threatened and how I am not involved in all this…”

She further said, “When I shared those tweets… and also a screenshot… then my own batchmate who is studying in SKIMS wrote that she (Ananya) was studying with them… they (other Kashmiri students) gave them hospitality… and this is the way I was treating them…”

“So I just want to say to them that I was not living in your homes… I completed my NEET and was living in a medical college… my country… Kashmir…”

Ananya continued and said, “some people are saying that those who raised pro-Pakistan slogans are immature students… so to them I want to say that if you have attempted NEET which is National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and becoming a doctor… then you are not immature… being a doctor is such a big responsibility.”

Responding to those who say that her actions or exposing these students may spoil their career, Ananya said that those who are not standing with their country, how would they be loyal to humanity.

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“I have never seen pro-Pakistan celebrations at such a big level… it’s good that these people are being exposed.”

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“Some non-local students are pressurising me that if I will raise my voice then it may spoil their career… or would be threatening to their safety as well… so to them, I want to say that till the time you are not wrong, there is nothing to be scared about.”

“Some Kashmiri students are also pressurising me to stop raising my voice.”

“I want to say that once the government makes a firm stand and takes strict action… then it will be a lesson to all those who are living in India, studying in Indian medical colleges just cannot raise slogans like ‘Pakistani zindabad’ or its national anthem.”

Ananya also mentioned that till the time she was living in Kashmir, she has never sung India’s national anthem with confidence… or hadn’t sung it at all in fact.

“I never felt a proud Indian when I was there in Kashmir and when you see these viral videos where some are raising pro-Pakistan slogans, singing its national anthem then this is completely unacceptable.”

“There is no practice of singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ in colleges in Kashmir.”

“Kashmir is part of India… I am an Indian… I am living in India and I am not scared,” Ananya concluded.

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