Quad Summit 2022: PM Modi addresses NRIs in Japan; Know what he said


Tokyo/New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed members of the Indian Diaspora in Tokyo, Japan. PM Modi is scheduled to participate in several events including the Quad Summit with the leaders of fellow member countries: Australia, Japan and the United States. On the first day, i.e. today, the Prime Minister attended the meeting convened by US President Joe Biden to launch the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). PM Modi also met various leaders of the Japanese business community.

What did PM Modi say in his address to the NRIs?

PM Modi, while addressing to the NRIs, said, “Whenever I come to Japan, I get a lot of love from the people here. Some of you have lived in Japan for years and have adopted the culture of this country. Nevertheless, the devotion towards Indian culture and language continues to grow.”

The PM also said that India and Japan are natural partners. Japan has played an important role in India’s development journey. “Our relationship with Japan is one of closeness, of spirituality, of cooperation, of belonging,” he said.

Modi said Swami Vivekananda had come to Japan before leaving for Chicago for his historic address and had left a deep impression on his mind in Japan. He openly praised the patriotism of the people of Japan, the faith of the people of Japan, the awareness of the cleanliness of the people of Japan.

Speaking on Covid-19, Modi said, “Corona created the world’s biggest crisis in 100 years. When it started, no one knew what would happen next. No one even knew whether its vaccine would come or not. But India also sent medicines to the countries of the world at that time.”

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first published:May 23, 2022, 8:41 p.m.

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