Punjab: AAP MLA says, Budget nothing but manipulation of words and game of false statistics

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LAST UPDATED: March 9, 2021, 7:05 p.m.

Government buses do not run in half of the villages, then what is the benefit of free fares for women.

-Principal Budh Ram

On the pretext of budget, Congress government prepares to contest 2022 elections.

-Aman Arora

Youth seeking employment as promised by Congress, beaten up in CM’s city.

-Rupinder Kaur Ruby

Government has not taken any step for the development of Ropar district. 

-Amarjeet Singh Sandoa

Chandigarh. During the discussion on the budget presented by Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal in the assembly, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) termed the budget of Captain Amarinder Singh government as a stunt for the 2022 elections, calling it a manipulation of words and a game of false statistics.

Discussing the budget in the Assembly, AAP MLA from Budhlada, Principal Budh Ram said that the budget was nothing but lollipops and lorries. He said that the budget had promised to provide free bus service to women but surprisingly half of the villages did not have government buses. He said that false promises of debt waiver were being made by the government. “Notices have been issued to the farmers of village Bahadarpur in my constituency by the corporate society that action would be taken against them if they did not repay the loans,” he added.

He said the Captain government was saying that due to Covid pandemic, the revenue of the government had decreased, however the expenditure was also reduced during this period. 

Principal Budh Ram further said that the ruling Congress party was not reducing its expenditure but was filling its coffers. He said that Punjab’s education, health and other departments also spend less than the national average. “In this budget there was talk of setting up more chairs including Baba Ambedkar Sahib ji, however, it is surprising that earlier in the budget of 2019-2020 also, there was talk of setting up chairs and now it has again been repeated,” he stated.

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 Meanwhile, MLA Aman Arora, while taking a dig at Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal, congratulated him, saying that he had done a great job in targeting the 2022 elections. “On this budget, the people will ask the Congress why it has not fulfilled the promises it made before coming to power,” he stated. 

Arora further said that the budget had been prepared keeping in view the 2022 elections. He said that no road map had been prepared in the five year budget to reduce the debt burden. AAP MLA from Bathinda Rural, Rupinder Kaur Ruby said that the budget was an attempt to mislead the people of Punjab by mere manipulation of words.

She said that the budget was nothing but a game of statistics. She said that the post-matric stipend mentioned in the budget did not mention the arrears. 

The MLA further stated that before coming to power, the Congress had promised to provide Ghar-Ghar Rozgar, but now when the unemployed youth seeks employment, they were brutally beaten by the police, the latest example being the unemployed teachers who were beaten up in Patiala on the occasion of Women’s Day on Monday. She said that the government had made promises to Asha workers, Anganwadi workers but nothing was kept in the budget for them. 

MLA Amarjeet Singh Sandoa said that the Captain government had not done anything for the development of Ropar district. He said that the electricity thermal plant was the only place of employment in the area which the government was now preparing to sell.

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