Protesting farmers nab youth ordered to incite violence, kill farmers’ leaders at Singhu border

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a youth caught at Delhi’s Singhu border has alleged that he was trained to incite violence at the Singhu Border where farmers are holding protests against the controversial farm laws. As claimed by the youth, he along with a girl, was expected to disrupt upcoming tractor rally that is scheduled to take place on Republic Day and shoot four farmers’ leaders.

The youth was nabbed by the farmers when he levelled false allegations of eve-teasing against at the protest site at Delhi’s Singhu border. While talking to the media, the youth further that he was a part of 10-member team, including two girls, who were trained for inciting violence and halt the preparation of upcoming tractor rally. He alleged that a man dressed in police uniform trained them. However, he could not identify the person who trained them at the police station. 

“We were working for money. There are other people as well who are involved in this who are yet to be caught. I would request that our families should not be informed about this. We were to be given Rs 10,000 each to carry out the disruption,” ANI quoted the youth as saying.

He also claimed that two teams are currently working on inciting violence on Republic Day tractor rally and said that they have been supplied weapons to succeed in their plans. Talking about his own plans, he said that he was present around the protesting area since January 19 and was asked to find out if protestors are carrying weapons. 

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“We had planned that when the farmers will proceed with their tractor rally on January 26, there will be firing and Delhi Police will try to stop them. Even then, if they do not halt their march, then we will fire on them. And there will be another team that will be present among the farmers and will shoot. The Delhi Police will think that farmers are firing. We had planned that we will be in Police uniform. We were also ordered to shoot four people on the stage. SHO of Rai Police Station in Haryana’s Sonepat is involved in this plan,” the youth added. 

The man also revealed that he was a part of the violence that took place in 2016 in during Jaat agitation. As of now, the youth has been handed over to police.

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