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Prevent cancer: Know the experts recommended cancer prevention diet

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LAST UPDATED: Dec. 29, 2020, 5:46 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): Certain foods are considered the cancer causing foods. You can prevent your risk by maintaini9ng a healthy diet just by adding and removing certain things from your diet. Researcher says that many cancers are linked to lifestyle behaviors, unhealthy eating patterns and a lack of physical activity.

To help reduce your cancer risk, follow these tips for eating right.

1 Maintain or Achieve a Healthy Weight

Excess body weight is associated with many diseases and cancer is included in that. By maintaining a healthy body weight you can prevent yourself from the risk of cancer. A person who is suffering from obesity have higher risk of cancer then the person who is physically fit.

2 Limit Sugars and Solid Fats

One should limit the intake of foods that are loaded with sugars and solid fats that provide a lot of calories but very less nutrients. The cancer causing foods include: sugar-sweetened beverages, highly processed snack foods and desserts.

3 Include healthy Vegetables, Fruits and Whole Grains

Foods such as nonstarchy vegetables, whole fruits and whole grains if consumed on regular basis lower the risk of  cancer. One must have seasonal foods to gain many health benefits. Have less veggies and fruits rather than grains as they are easy to digest.

4 Limit the portion of Red and Processed Meats

If you eat Red and Processed Meats limit your intake to protect yourself from the risk of cancer. Enjoy a small portion of meat and have vegetables, fruits and whole grains in more quantity.

5 Have more plant proteins

Beans and lentils are great source of protein, dietary fiber, iron, potassium and many healthy nutrients. Some more nutrient-dense plant-based proteins include tofu and tempeh. Eating more plant protein than animal protein lowers the risk of several types of cancers.

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