PM Narendra Modi asserts no discrimination on welfare schemes delivery

PM Narendra Modi asserts no discrimination on welfare schemes delivery
Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined to the BJP rank and file that there should be no discrimination in distribution of welfare measures to the deserving beneficiaries irrespective of their caste, religion or other affiliations. He also urged them to not get complacent in the wake of election victories and ensure 100 percent saturation in the delivery of these schemes.

Addressing the BJP national office-bearers meeting virtually, he also attacked the Opposition parties for promoting dynasty politics and misleading people about the intent behind the welfare schemes in its bid to play divisive politics.

“India occupies a special place in the world today as it looks at this country with hope. Similarly, the country is also looking up to BJP for meeting its hopes and aspirations. This is the time for the BJP to set goals for the next 25 years. We have to fulfil the aspirations of the people by facing the challenges facing the country and moving ahead,” Modi said.

He emphasised that the party should work hard to ensure that the intended laabhartis- the beneficiaries of the welfare schemes like affordable housing, PM-Kisan Nidhi, Ujjwala, and so on- are covered impartially. BJP claims that these beneficiaries are a new segment of voters who cast their franchise for development and welfare, leaving aside traditional factors like their caste, religion or region determining their vote. This was arguably one of the important factors that contributed to BJP’s recent victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

“The NDA government is completing eight years in office. These years have been one of pledge and achievements through sewa and sushashan (service and good governance). The trust in government that people had lost has been restored. Today, even the poorest person does not think that these welfare schemes are going to benefit only those who have clout and influence. He feels one day he will definitely get these benefits,” Modi said.

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He recalled his words at the Red Fort on Independence Day that the laabhartis will be covered 100%.

“I know this is a very difficult task. Implementation of many schemes is dependent on state governments and the local administration. But we will reach the grassroots. For the last eight years the campaign has been on to free the country of discrimination, nepotism and appeasement on this issue. We have to move with that pledge. No citizen will be deprived of these benefits,” the prime minister said.

He maintained that even BJP’s political opponents who “do divisive politics” will have to acknowledge development and welfare as one of the important issues in elections.

“Those parties which cannot avoid development becoming one of the election issues have tried to play politics over it. They play games, try to dismiss it. Due to this pressure and their shortcomings they try to sow poison on this issue and bring caste and religion into it to divide society,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister directed party workers not to take any “short-cuts” and stick to the core political values of the BJP despite “lakhs of attempts by our opponents to divert you from the issue of development”.

“The eco-system of some political parties is engaged in diverting the country’s attention from the issue of development,” he alleged.

Without naming any political party, Modi said dynasty politics has harmed the country over the decades. “This bhai-bhatijavad (nepotism) has led to loss of valuable time for the country. They have taken the nation backwards,” Modi said, adding that such parties exist “of the family, for the family, by the family”.

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He insisted that BJP should strengthen democratic politics and defeat family and dynasty politics.

“BJP is not stale water. We have to make the lotus (BJP symbol) bloom in the swamp of dynasty politics,” he said.

Modi said the historic mandate of 2014 renewed hope among the people but with it the accountability of the party towards the people also increases.

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