PM Modi lays down agenda for [email protected], asks for people’s support in decisive war against corruption


  • PM Modi earlier today paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat
  • He unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort and addressed the nation
  • PM Modi also examined the inter-services and police Guard of Honour as he arrived at the Red Fort

Independence Day 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the nation on the 76th Independence Day. Speaking from the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi today said the completion of 75 years of Independence was a time to step towards a new direction with a new resolve. The prime minister offered tributes to a galaxy of freedom fighters, including Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Veer Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru among others.

“During our freedom struggle, there was not one year where our freedom fighters did not face brutality and cruelty. Today is the day when, as we pay them our respects, we need to remember their vision and dream for India,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi also said in this ‘Amrit Kaal’, every Indian is aspiring to see the fast progress of a new India with enthusiasm and impatience.

“Our nation has proved that we have an inherent strength from our diversity and the common thread of patriotism makes India unshakeable,” Modi said.

An aspirational society is important for any nation. Today, “we are proud that these aspirations are present in every household in India. Every citizen is enthusiastic, impatient for the fast progress of New India,” he said.

Modi lauds people for coming together to fight COVID-19

Prime Minister Modi today said India has administered a record 200 crore vaccine doses in a time-bound manner, a feat that would not have been possible for another nation. He lauded the country for coming together in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

There was an increase in common consciousness of the love for the nation, PM Modi said during his Independence Day address from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort today.

The fight against COVID-19 was an example of this common consciousness where citizens came together, he said.

PM Modi speaks of 5 resolves to make India developed nation

PM Modi also urged people to focus their energy on the five resolutions of making India a developed nation, removing every trace of bondage, taking pride in its heritage and unity, and fulfilling their duties in the next 25 years.

“By the 100th year of Independence, we have to work with the vision of accomplishing what our freedom fighters dreamt of,” he said while addressing the nation.

“I urge the youth to dedicate the next 25 years of their lives to the development of the nation. We will work towards even the development of the entire humanity. That is the strength of India,” he said.

Modi said India will have to move ahead with big goals to fulfil the vision of a developed India in the centenary year of its Independence.

“For the next 25 years we need to focus on the five resolves – developed India, removing every trace of bondage from our mind, taking pride in our glorious heritage and unity, and fulfilling our duties,” he said.

“We need to now move with a renewed focus and resolve for the next 25 years, and this can be made possible through the strength and determination of 130 crore Indians.”

PM Modi also said tribal freedom fighters like Birsa Munda kept the struggle for independence alive in every corner of the country.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 76th Independence Day, Modi said the role of tribals in the freedom struggle cannot be forgotten.

“Tribal freedom fighters such as Birsa Munda, Tirot Singh and Alluri Sitarama Raju played a pivotal role in keeping the freedom struggle alive in every corner of India,” he said.

Talking of gender equality, PM Modi said gender equality is the key to a united India.

Speaking on the significance of a united nation, Modi said India has much to teach the world on the concept of unity which begins with the family structure.

Nepotism and corruption two big challenges before country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the two big challenges before the country are nepotism and dynasty, and corruption, asserting that “we have to fight” against these together.

Addressing the nation, Modi described nepotism as an “evil” and said the country needs to come together against it.

“We need to give opportunities to those who are talented and will work for the progress of the nation. Talent will be the basis of New India,” he said.

“When I talk about nepotism and dynasty, people think I am talking about politics only. No, unfortunately this evil of politics has nurtured nepotism in every institution,” Modi said.

He further said that to cleanse every institute of India, opportunities should be given to people who deserve it.

“We need to come together as a society to punish those who have propagated the evil of corruption,” he added.

Modi further said the nation shows “anger towards corruption, but not the corrupted”.

“Until and unless, people have the mentality of penalising the corrupt, the nation cannot progress at an optimum pace,” he said.

Respect for women important pillar for India’s growth: PM Modi

Urging the citizens of the country to pledge not to do anything that lowers the dignity of women, the prime minister today said a mentality to insult them in speeches and conduct has crept in.

The prime minister also said respect for women is an important pillar for India’s growth and stressed the need to extend support to ‘Nari Shakti’.

“A distortion has crept in our conduct and we at times insult women,” he said, and asked, “Can we take a pledge to get rid of this from our behaviour and values?”

It is important that in speech and conduct “we do nothing that lowers the dignity of women”, he said.

Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani, in a tweet, praised the prime minister’s “sensitivity” on the matter.

Prime Minister Modi also talked on various other subjects – including the public response to ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign, initiation of 5G mobile services in India, the unity in diversity in India, global warming and other environmental issues.

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