PM Modi announces updated version of Exam warriors

New Delhi: Ahead of the board examinations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday released a new edition of his book ‘Exam Warriors’. PM Modi is happy to announce the new edition of the book. He said that the latest edition of Exam Warriors is rich with valuable input from students, parents, and teachers.

PM Modi also said that enough new parts have been added to the new edition of Exam Warriors which will be especially liked by parents and teachers. The Prime Minister made several tweets saying that he is happy to say that a new version of Exam Warriors is now available.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said, “As the exam season begins, I am delighted to share that the updated edition of #ExamWarriors is now available. 

The book has new Mantras and a range of interesting activities. The book reaffirms the need to remain stress-free before an exam.

How to make exam preparation fun?

Is there anything interesting we can do sitting at home while preparing?

There is a solution to this…an all-new #ExamWarriors module on the NaMo App. 

It has many interactive activities for students and parents. 

The new edition of #ExamWarriors has been enriched with valuable inputs from students, parents, and teachers. 

Substantive new parts have been added that would especially interest the parents and teachers. 

Let us all help our youngsters as they appear for their examinations!”


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